Lecston / Centonia Industries Sdn Bhd. No. 25, Jalan Seruling 58, Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang, Selangor. Malaysia.
+603-3324 7605
Lecston Offering Exceptional High Quality and Durable Products Globally.


The brand, LECSTON, currently is available in more than 26 countries worldwide.

In year 2002, Centonia Industries SdnBhd implemented ISO9001:2000 and was accredited by Lloyd Registrar Quality Assurance. Centonia Industries SdnBhd constantly aware the important of safe environment and healthy ECO system, therefore ISO14001:2004 is now being implemented throughout the organization since 2007.

Centonia Industries SdnBhd manufacture and sell high quality electric instant water heaters for the domestic and overseas market. With original and authentic features, produced according to ISO standard, LECSTON provide exceptional quality and high value for money electric instant water heaters to both home and overseas users.

Centonia Industries SdnBhd is managed by a group of dedicated, experience and energetic possibility thinkers who have decades of experience in producing quality electric instant water heater, storage heaters and associate shower accessories. We are constantly innovate products to suit the markets needs and be the head in the competitions.


To be the learning & growing Organization, committed to customer satisfaction by continuous quality improvement & global accessibility.

A family to our staffs and business associates.


Continuing in product development in order to meet world standard and staying competitive in the industry.


We like to make thing better.

We spend a great deal of time and effort on research and development.

Centonia Industries SdnBhd has a team of dedicated in-house research and development engineers and designers to design and innovate the desired quality and features that our valued customers look for in the product. We assure safety and value for money in the product we made by individually testing each item that leaves the factory.

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