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1.What is Triple Safety System?

a) Flip-Start Flow switch

A combination of reed switch and magnet jumper to sense the incoming water flow and to turn  on the heater. This feature acts as a safety device to switch off the power to the heating element  if water is not flowing through..

b) Double Function Thermostat

Important safety feature to cut off the heater power supply if water temperature exceeds 60°C. Automatically resets when water temperature drops below approximately 44°C.

A double function thermostat has double function, where in the event the temperature rise abnormally (exceeded 90°C), the thermostat will be triggered and tripped permanently.

c) Built in Electronic Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)

Safety Device to cut off the electrical supply if leakage of current occurs (15mA within 0.1sec). Thus preventing the user from electrocution..

2.What is Stepless Electronic Power Control System?

By turning the Temperature Control from ‘LOW’ to ‘HIGH’, you can instantly  adjust the water temperature to your preference. You able to customize your preferred temperature and save energy too..

3.What is the function of Shower Pump for AC / DC?

To boost up water flow rate in order to obtain comfort shower. This heater is specially designed for low water pressure application and is best to be installed with cistern water supply.

Heater with AC pump can increase the water pressure up to 4 1/2 times stronger.

Heater with DC pump consumes 50% lower electric power than normal AC motor pump yet generates high flow rate..

 4.What is Pump Speed Control?

To let the user to adjust the speed of the pump and to match with the optimum heat that comes from the water.

Suitable for use in high and low water pressure condition as the pump can be set to either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.

5.What is IP25 ?

Lecston water heater are designed to comply to IP25 Water Ingress Protection Rating, comply to current MS 1597:2:35:2010, which other water heater from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China even UK is only IPX4.

IP25 able :

1)  Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5mm to enter the heater.

2)Protected against jets of water from all directions. Limited ingress  permitted.


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