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Simply Elegant & Stylish In Its Own Class

This new series comes with 2 combinations of shower accessories, the 5 spray hand set with sliding rail or the 3 spray handset with wall bracket. Each brings the elegance of the heater and expand the value of the heaters.


Color Variances

Lecston Elegande Grey (front) Lecston Elegande EL505EMP - Orangey Red (front)  Lecston Elegande Gold (front)

            Grey          Orangey Red          Gold     


Models Available :

* Elegande EL505 (w/o ELCB)

* Elegande EL505(SB) (wall bracket w/o ELCB)

* Elegande EL505E (with ELCB)

* Elegande EL505E(SB) (wall bracket with ELCB)


Shower Accessories

            QM5 + MC1 Accessory + 5P    QM5 + SB Accessory + 5P         rew 


  1. Double function thermostat : Maintains safe water output temperature at all times
  2. Splash proof casing : Protects electrical components against water jet spray
  3. Equipped with residual current device (RCD) : Cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage
  4. Flow sensor : Prevents overheating due to insufficient water supply
  5. Non conductive and anti-twist hose : Protects againts fatal electrical currents and anti-twist feature prevents entanglements



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