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GD600 Silky Series

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Sporty, Stylish and Slim looks

Every time the GRANDE heaters are switched ON, the auto test ELCB would run the ELCB self Testing electronic circuit to prevent danger that may arises sue to improper connections or malfunctions household electrical wiring and earthing.

This safety feature is shown by the indicator blinking “Green Light” at the heater cover.


Color Variances

Lecston Grande GD600 Silky Pearl (front)              Lecston Grande GD600 Silky Grey (front)

        Silky Pearl                          Silky Grey


Models Available:

* Grande GD600 RS (w/o ELCB)

* Grande GD600E RS (with ELCB)

* Grande GD600P RS (with Pump w/o ELCB)

* Grande GD600EP RS (with ELCB & Pump)


Shower Accessories

aqualani-new-chrome                                                                   RS2 without water

              Aqualani Chrome                                                    Rain Shower Set


Brochure Lescton(B) FA  Brochure Lescton(F) FA


Brochure Lescton(F) FA





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